Addictions Committee: Clearing house for any Metro-area community-based addictions provider issues. Past work has included working with payers to improve the addictions payment system including Multnomah County GF monies and pushing for addictions rate parity with mental health at Health Share and the state, as well as organizing sustainable training model for Trauma Informed Care. Current priorities include focusing on APMs for addictions services such as the SUD composite score. Chair: Mary Monnat, LifeWorks

Integrated Care Workgroup: Focused on bringing PC and BH providers together to promote integrated care. Developed best practices around care coordination and referrals between PC and BH and working with Health Share on HIE rollouts and ED use reduction. Chairs: Pierre Morin, Lutheran Community Services and Melinda Muller, Legacy

Equity and Inclusion Committee: Provides leadership to association in E&I including implementing an equity lens in decisionmaking and providing training, grants, networking and other resources to member organizations. Chairs: Patricia Weekley, Morrison Child and Family Services and Pierre Morin, Lutheran Community Services

Workforce and Rate Workgroup: Every other month meeting to work with Health Share and counties BH workforce and rates issues including case rate issues and risk corridor implementation. Chairs: Steve Allen, Options and Cheryl Cohen, Health Share

Outcomes: Working closely with counties to help providers implement Feedback Informed Treatment (FIT) at their organizations. Supported a review of evidenced-based tools and grants for Phase 1 and Scott Miller training, now working with county and providers to support providers in successful implementation of the following outcome-based care tools: ACORN and ORS/SRS. Information on FIT training and user groups here. Chairs: Judy Harris, Youth Contact and Stacy Bancroft, CareOregon

7 Day Follow-Up: Conducted pilot project and made best practice recommendations. Focused on unaffiliated clients and other ways to make improvements towards new targets. This committee no longer meets. Chairs: Chris Farentinos, Legacy and Marcia Hille, Sequoia

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