TCBHPA Vision, Mission and Values

Our vision is that the tri-county region has a comprehensive and thriving system of care so that residents within have access to affordable, high quality and culturally responsive behavioral healthcare.

Our mission is to strengthen Clackamas, Multnomah and Washington county community behavioral health providers through advocacy, best practice advancement, shared learning and collaboration in order to improve the health of our community members.

We are guided by the following values

  1. Improve wellness and prevent the need for acute treatment.
  2. Promote the value of behavioral health and our member organizations by advocating to be equal partners in the design and delivery of a financially stable system of care.
  3. Direct our efforts toward healthcare transformation by modeling integrative care and committing to the triple aim in all we do.
  4. Honor equity and inclusion to ensure all communities and individuals have access to excellent and culturally appropriate care.
  5. Demonstrate the highest standards in care delivery, collaboration and continuous improvement.
  6. Teach and learn in every situation to build trust and work collaboratively
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